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0:00 - Introduction - WWII Career/Bootcamp

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Partial Transcript: "This is Sarah Milligan, I'm in Mount Sterling ,Kentucky."

Segment Synopsis: Talks about boot camp, training, fellow soldiers.

Keywords: 2107 Company; Alameda Co., (Ca.); aviation ordinance; Aviation school; Coast Guard; Great Lakes, (Il.); Hunters Point, (Ca.); Lake Michigan; Los Angeles (Ca.); Louisville, (Ky.); Machine Gun; Mount Sterling, (Ky.); Norman (Ok.); San Fransisco, (Ca.); US Navy; World War II

Subjects: Alameda County (Calif.); Great Lakes (Ill.); Hunters Point (San Francisco, Calif.); Los Angeles (Calif.); Louisville (Ky.); Mount Sterling (Ky.); Norman (Okla.); United States. Coast Guard; United States. Navy.; World War II

6:00 - Ship placement/USS Indianapolis

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Partial Transcript: "Let me ask you something real quick - when you left bootcamp what was your exit interview? What kind of questions did they ask you to detriment where you were going to go?"

Segment Synopsis: Talks about placement on UUS Langley. Marine Corp placed on ship. Describes rough seas, and seasickness. Friend lost on the USS Indianapolis.

Keywords: "Potato Patch"; Aircraft Carrier Light; Alameda Naval Air Station; Basketball; Coast Guard; Coco Jackson; CVL; Independence Class Carrier; Japanese; Marines; Mount Sterling, (Ky.); Oakland, (Ca.); Pearl Harbor (Hi); Submarine; Suicide; University of Kentucky; US Navy; USS Fargo; USS Indianapolis; USS Langley; Waikiki Beach (Hi.); Walter Johnson

Subjects: Aircraft carriers; Alameda Naval Air Station (Calif.); Basketball.; Japan.; Mount Sterling (Ky.); Oakland (Calif.); Pearl Harbor (Hawaii); Suicide.; United States. Coast Guard; United States. Navy.; University of Kentucky; USS Indianapolis (Cruiser); USS Langley (Aircraft carrier); Waikiki Beach (Hawaii); World War II

16:02 - False Armistice

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Partial Transcript: "You were in Pearl Harbor when that happened? We were operating out of Pearl Harbor."

Segment Synopsis: Talks about liberty after armistice. Duties during service.

Keywords: Armistice; Barber's Point Air Station; Honolulu, (Hi.); Japan; Liberty; Memphis, (Tn.); muster; Panama Canal; Pearl Harbor (Hi.); San Fransisco (Ca.); Surrender; Waikiki Beach (Hi.)

Subjects: Armistices; Barbers Point Naval Air Station (Hawaii); Honolulu (Hawaii); Japan.; Memphis (Tenn.); Panama Canal (Panama); Pearl Harbor (Hawaii); San Francisco Bay Area (Calif.); Waikiki Beach (Hawaii)

18:53 - Panama Canal/Post Office

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Partial Transcript: "What was your experience in the Panama Canal?"

Segment Synopsis: Talks about Panama Canal. End of service/discharge. Worked in a post office after the war, job scarcity.

Keywords: Locks; Memphis (Tn.); Navy Day; Panama Canal; Philadelphia, (Pa.); Post Office; Teddy Roosevelt; US Navy

Subjects: Memphis, (Tenn.); Panama Canal (Panama).; Philadelphia (Pa.); Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.; United States Postal Service.; United States. Navy.

21:45 - Service meant Adventure

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Partial Transcript: "When you were seventeen and thinking about going into the Navy, were you thinking all those things, that I can go in and it will help me through the rest of my life?"

Segment Synopsis: Navy meant adventure. No active combat. Writing home to parents, homesickness. Met his wife after the war on a post office delivery route.

Keywords: adventure; Homesick; Mason Young, Mount Sterling, (ky.); Naha Airport, Japan; Norman, (Ok.); Okinawa, Japan; post office; US Navy; World War II

Subjects: Homesickness; Japan; Mount Sterling (Ky.); Naha-shi (Japan); Norman (Okla.); United States Navy; United States Postal Service; World War II

28:19 - Fellow Soldiers/Feelings on Japanese Surrender & Atomic Bomb

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Partial Transcript: "Do you still keep up with people that you met while you were on your... no never"

Segment Synopsis: Talks about people he served with. Classes at Morehead.

Keywords: Atomic Bomb; Harlan, (Ky.); Hazard, (Ky.); Kentucky; Minnesota; Morehead State University; New Jersey; New York; North Dakota; Scandinavians; South Dakota; Whisky

Subjects: Atomic bomb.; Harlan (Ky.); Hazard (Ky.); Morehead State University; World War II

34:05 - Conclusions - Trip to Europe

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Partial Transcript: "I've noticed a lot of Mount Sterling boys, Montgomery County boys joined the Navy . Just seems sort of foreign... do you have any sort of opinion on why so many of them joined the Navy?"

Segment Synopsis: Talks about WWI, European travels.

Keywords: Britain; D-Day Beaches; France; Montgomery County, (Ky.); Mount Sterling, (Ky.); World War I

Subjects: Montgomery County (Ky.); Mount Sterling (Ky.); Travel.; World War I