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Interview Summary

Born September 15, 1970, born in Ohio County, identifies as a General Baptist

Works as a teacher at Ohio County High School

Attended Kentucky Tech in Owensboro and trained as machinist

Has one older brother, Keith

Plays banjo, guitar, electric bass, and the mandolin

Music at church caught his attention, did not want to sing with a group, but wanted to hear the music

Initially played the piano, and was introduced to string instruments around age ten

Received guitar as gift, father was also a guitarist

Geary did not like playing guitar at first, was interested in learning to play the banjo for about a year

Memories of learning how to play the banjo from a friend

Involvement with fiddling championship at Rough River

Old Time Fiddler's Competition: played several years without winning, describes what playing clean means

One year it was 105 degrees, Jeff Morris played rhythm another time

Geary has won the competition twice, winning made him more confident

Likes to jam best, playing technique changed a lot

Discussion about the responsibility of a banjo player to other members of the band

Describes how music becomes a part of him as an artist

Defines the terms ‘chops’ and ‘edge’

Considers modern forms of communication have impacted his music

Music runs in family, paternal grandfather played banjo, and his dad played by ear

Geary likes to play things perfectly

Discusses plans for his future with music, strong desire to be professional

Is unsure whether he will try to go professional

Has tried several methods of self-promotion, including creating demo tapes

Likes all kinds of music, discussion about good working environments for music as career

Guy Rafferty and singers are one of Geary’s favorite bands

Description of mandolin making with friends

Discussion of George Gruhn (??) in Nashville

Engages in instrument repairs, largely self-taught through independent study, has been repairing instruments since he was in high school

Geary attends workshops, played before the IBMA Awards Show

Discussion of different Bluegrass bands

Discussion of Geary playing with the Russian Bluegrass band, The Red River Valley Boys

Details ways to critique musicians and the Monroe homeplace

Geary discusses excitement of making an instrument and refurbishing old instruments

Jeff Morris and Elmer Daugherty (fellow musicians) are involved in the mandolin making project

Describes how the trio play together

Says that there are many people carrying on the bluegrass music tradition of western KY

Musicians know what to expect when they are accustomed to playing together