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Transcriber’s Notes: Words or phrases in found brackets represent unclear or unintelligible portions of the recording. Brackets are also used to provide the reader with helpful background information about the recording. Underlined text within the transcription represents more than one person speaking at the same time.

[Recording begins mid song, ends at 2:38]

Interviewer: That’s quite a piece, isn’t it?

Davenport: That’s a pretty one isn’t it? I like that.

Interviewer: That’s quite a piece.

Davenport: Now let me see. Well, I am going to play “Rocky Road to Dublin.”

[2:49--- 5:18 Plays “Rocky Road to Dublin.”]

Interviewer: That was the one.

Davenport: Huh?

Interviewer: It’s on the other side of the, first side of the tape. That was the other one. “Rocky Road to Dublin.”

Davenport: Yeah. That’s the one you was thinking about. I am going to play you “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

Interviewer: All right.

Davenport: [5:41--- 7:16 Plays “Cotton Eyed Joe.”] Boy, a good fiddle, ain’t it?

Interviewer: You really got a great [fiddle music comes in and overpowers Interviewer’s voice.] [Unintelligible].

Davenport: You didn’t know I could play a fiddle, did you? Huh? You just thought I was a fooling around a while ago.

Interviewer 2: I have been wondering if---

Davenport: Huh?

Interviewer 2: We were wondering if you were telling the truth.

Davenport: I got to see a little of that myself on the television.

[8:07--- Begins to play “Tennessee Waltz and then practice notes.] Guess I better quit, hadn’t I?

Interviewer: Did you want to see some of this?

Davenport: Yeah, I want to see some of it.

Interviewer: Okay. This TV is not any count at all.

Davenport: Well, that’s all right.

Interviewer: But you can see what it is, I mean on a bigger screen it will---

[9:18 Recording ends.]


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